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Sylar/Claire Fan Fiction : Red Wine Release

Title : Red Wine Release
Author : Catie Page [talkingmetaphor ]
Disclaimer : Characters do not belong to nor were they created by me. I just manipulate them like marionettes and hope for the best.
Written For :
Word Count : 1,993
Setting : During episode 3x25 "Invisible Thread"
Genre : Romantic Drama, AU
Rating : PG15
Characters : Claire Bennet, Sylar, Noah Bennet, Angela Petrelli, Micah Sanders, West Rosen
Pairings : Sylar/Claire, recognition of a past West/Claire
Summary : She's supposed to mold him, not fall in love. Then again they both were supposed to have their guards up and that never happened.
Spoiler Alert : This fiction contains spoilers about the identity of REBEL and hints to a scene from episode 3x25 "Invisible Thread"
Author's Note : Inspired by the song Sooner or Later by Breaking Benjamin so don't be surprised to see hints to or quotes of the lyrics. This was also written before I saw the episode in which it takes place.
Beta : Megan [strippedsmile ]


Red Wine Release

by Catie Paige

She’d been sleeping more often. Much to her father’s relief and her grandmother’s disdain. Noah was glad she was resting her body and hopefully her mind, she was trying so hard to be the hero. Angela thought she was wasting her potential. So as usual, no one agreed.

The light buzz of her phone alerting her to a message was enough to wake her. A groan of disappointment escaped her as she sat up; her back was stiff from the lack of comfort provided by the backseat of car.

“Claire-bear?” she heard her father say. She watched as he adjusted the rear-view mirror and smiled at her. “How are you feeling?” his voice sincere, she missed that.

“Fine, I jus-“she was about to finish her statement when Angela cut in.

“You know that sleeping this much isn’t healthy, Claire. Noah, you know it isn’t healthy for her.” Angela had turned her self in the front passenger seat so that she could easily see Noah and Claire.

“What? Are you being serious?!” Claire was sick of hearing life advice from Angela. She was good for her dreams but lately even those had been vague. There was always something Claire needed to fix about herself, a future to consider, a business or company or family to plan.

“Claire, respect her, she’s you grandmother.” Noah said and then before Claire could huff at him as well he pulled over, the sudden stop through dust from the deserted road into the air around the car. “Angela. On a person to person level, I respect you. I really do, so listen when I say this. As a parent to another parent, don’t try to raise my daughter. I was doing a fine job before your shit hit our fan.”

As her father pulled back onto the road he gave Claire a father type look through the rear view mirror. She made a note to tell him she still loved him, that he was still her father, maybe she’d apologize too.


Her phone buzzed again, that’s when she remembered that she had woken up to it doing the same thing. She checked her messages; they were both from REBEL who her father had told her was Micah Sanders. The first one said: He’s malleable like hot steel, mold him. We’ll need him. You’re the only one who can handle him. Claire didn’t like the sound of that. Not at all, and what she liked less was how her gut was churning like it only could for Sylar. The second message was an address and a message: Try to avoid casualties.

“If I give you an address, can we re-route?” she asked.

“Where is this address from?” Noah asked.

“Reb- Micah Sanders. There’s an... um... telekinetic that he’s sending me after.”

Noah said nothing but looked at her with a look that pretty much said he wish she would skip out on the pleasantries because though they shared no DNA their instincts were the same. He asked for the address and reluctantly agreed to get directions at the next rest stop.


When they had only an hour left to go her phone buzzed, alerting her, again. It was REBEL, again. Get out of the car; tell them to go on their own way. Convince them. I’ll have someone familiar send you the rest of the way.

“Dad, stop the car.” She waited until the car stopped and got out. She walked up to Noah’s door and stopped him from getting out. “You have to go. You have to leave, go where Angela tells you to as long as it isn’t here. I’ll have transport to get the rest of the way but you two aren’t safe, you can’t fight him.”

“Him, who?” Noah said, he was fond of asking questions just to confirm a suspicion that was most likely right.

“The target. I told you… a telekinetic. Just leave.” She said using a tone that she hadn’t used since they were in Odessa.

Noah’s chest sank and even though he was sure he’d regret it he turned the car around and begun to drive off.


Just as her father’s car faded out of sight she saw something headed towards her out of the sky. She would have thought it was Nathan but there was no jet stream in the wake of who ever or whatever this was. As the person became more visible it was certain that they were male and then the words someone familiar ran through her mind.


He landed and took a moment to look at Claire. “Long time, no see.”

“Are.. are you my transportation?” she asked slightly confused.

“Yes, although transportation makes it sound like business.”

“It is business.”

With that they were in an embrace that looked like an awkward hug and flying through the air. He wasn’t as fast as Nathan but it was timely regardless.

“Sorry about earlier, I’m just tense.” Claire said, she felt bad shrugging him off when obviously there were still things between them.

“About what earlier? Business is business. Just be careful, he’s been expecting help.” West said before flying off.


She turned around to face the place where this man who was as malleable as hot steel resided. It was a small little motel, well kept; three stories and the small pool actually seemed to be well maintained. She was impressed. Although it seemed weird to have such a place in the middle of no where; of course she had thought the same thing about the diner that was so close to Coyote Sands.

It was as she was walking up the stairs to the room number she had been given that Sylar opened the door and leaned against the frame. He seemed less than usual. Less Sylar and more Gabriel was the only way she could think to describe it. She had to remind herself to be hesitant as she approached the doorway, as she approached him.

“Come in?” he asked of her, as if it wasn’t obvious that he was her reason for being here. He closed the door behind her, she was pretty sure she heard it lock. That’s when reality set in. How was it that he always conned her, always knew how to reel her in?

She turned around to see Sylar, fully himself with that smirk and the arched eyebrow that foreshadowed nothing good. She didn’t want to say anything first; she’d learned that he was better at twisting words than an angry ex-wife so she remained silent.

“I knew they were sending help, I just figured they’d send someone more useful.” He said as leant against the door, which indeed had been locked.

“You mean someone more sliceable, easier to kill, someone which you could gain something from? Well, I’m sorry.” She said as she sat on the only couch in the room, putting Sylar in her peripheral view. She tried to stay rigid, tense and guarded but after spending nearly a week in the back seat of a car her body relaxed, relieved at the comfort the couch provided.

Sylar took this moment to sit next her, a few inches between them. A hand gesture later red wine and glasses were on the table in front of them and the wine was pouring itself. “What are you supposed to be doing here?” he asked, curious to Micah’s idea of help.


Claire picked up a glass of wine; it just looked like she needed it. Suddenly she was wishing she could get drunk. How had her life brought her into the motel room of a serial killer super villain? “I just want a normal life. Like a newborn, those little creations are so lucky, new and untainted by this messy life we lead ourselves through. I don’t want to do this anymore. Running around, saving people, and killing myself. I can never get enough sleep; I can never get rid of the paranoia, of you.” She looked down at the wine glass and realized she hadn’t even drunk any of it and that she hadn’t the need to. She contemplated carrying around a light tranquilizer, maybe then she could rest.

Sylar sat, a little astonished that she seemed to have opened up to him. He was pleased that it wasn’t planned, that she seemed as surprised as he was. “If you don’t want to then why don’t you stop. It’s that simple, Claire.” He said, prodding her for more.

“I can’t just stop being the hero. The only one who can handle things like I can is you and I don’t see you pulling kittens out of trees anytime soon. Or have you been doing that while no one’s looking?” She said as she set the wine glass down, she felt uneasy, too vulnerable in a situation that didn’t allow for it.

“You’re not the only one who can’t sleep Claire. I’m becoming as pathetic as my father, hell I’m already alone. I disappoint my self with every skull I crack open. With every single ability I take there’s less of me and more of them, more guilt, more need for another disappoint, more need to understand and obtain. I’m a human parasite.” He said, his face was angry but his voice held regret.

“Why don’t you just stop then? I thought it was just that simple.” She said bitterly. This wasn’t fair, he didn’t get to have guilt, he didn’t get to be human.

“It isn’t simple. All right, it isn’t. All I ever wanted was to be special. It was bad enough that I couldn’t be accepted for what I was by the woman who raised me. Then I find out my father sold me like property, doesn’t even remember it. I find someone to care for and she turns me into a monster and then the other just-“ he stopped before he could finish.

Claire felt sympathy for him. As much as she hated to admit he was a person too. She remembered what she was here for, to mold him. This had to be a good start then, they were sharing and having what must have been a heart to heart. “So then there was someone after Elle?” she asked.

“Found her through Primatech.” He said before getting quiet.

“Funny how that works, everyone I seem to connect with has some connection with is linked to my father’s work, his old work. West was one of their captive when he was little. Alex was being hunted.” She said as she remembered West, how she could have been nicer.

“God, Claire. West and Alex, really?” he said halfway between amusement and frustration. “You could have done so much better than that, than them.” He said as he looked her in the eyes.

Claire got still; this was getting a little uncomfortable. “You say that like you were there, like you know of a better choice I could have made. What do you know?” she said getting a little defensive as she tried to rebuild the walls she let down a moment ago.

“What do I know? I know that I was always there. That I was the choice you could have made.” Then he moved in, forcing his lips against hers, a rough action in a soft moment.

Her eyes wide in shock, she put her hands against his chest to push him away when she noticed it. His heart was racing; this wasn’t a game to him. He felt this way, this was real. Maybe it was all these forms of relief, of release, coming at her at once or maybe it was the moment but her hands became more encouraging. Pulling him towards her, ruining his hair, find their way beneath his clothes.

He pulled away, “You don’t want this.”

She sat up and pushed some hair out of her face, “I’ll learn to love to hate it.”


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Apr. 27th, 2009 04:29 am (UTC)
Running around, saving people, and killing myself
This sums her up so well. And the bit about the parasite when referring to Sylar: FANTASTIC!

You know what, I think I just might have to friend you, you are just WAY too awesome for words.
Apr. 27th, 2009 04:33 am (UTC)
You are too kind, and I thank you for it. :D
Glad you enjoyed it.
Apr. 27th, 2009 04:49 am (UTC)
How had her life brought her into the motel room of a serial killer super villain?

Apr. 27th, 2009 05:08 am (UTC)
serial killer super villain
has to be my favorite string of words.

teehee your face. ♥
Apr. 27th, 2009 05:15 am (UTC)
"I'll learn to love to hate it" I &hearts this line. Nice job!
Apr. 27th, 2009 05:20 am (UTC)
It's straight from the song, I hear it as I was writing this and was like "THAT IS PERFECT!"
Apr. 27th, 2009 05:23 am (UTC)
I know! Is Sooner or Later on your fanmix? I am seriously considering editing a vd to it.
Apr. 27th, 2009 05:27 am (UTC)
Yeah, I added it to the fanmix and then was like, "that would make some great fan fiction".

&&omg, your vids rock. PLZ VID IT. ♥
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