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The Mask You Hold

I see the face
behind the mask you hold
Tell me darlin’
doesn’t this act ever grow old

I see the fear in your eyes
It’s a fear of you
Scared of everything you are
Baby, let me be your cure

I can heal the broken heart
that you carry around
I can mend those open wounds
that cause your constant frown
I can lift up these burdens
because I can see that they weigh you down

You’ll never have to lie again
Never have to run and hide again

Sinking [195W]

An enormous cave, full of plants and insects, stalactites everywhere, a blue water lake with a huge rock and small fish of all shapes and colors swimming freely. All He wants to do is leap into the water. The more bottomless it appears the more he wants to sink to the bottom and dissolve, he deserves it.

“Careful, you’ll fall in.” she touches his arm in effort to snap him out of his gaze.

He hesitates in looking at her rather than the water, his red hair and green eyes catching him by surprise, the word fall from his mouth. “What if I’m a killer?”

“What if I don’t care?” she shrugged and looked to the water.

“You know that killing is murder. Lives snuffed out by psychopathic urges.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

A modest smile spread on her face, barely noticeable in her profile. “Not everyone is so black and white, or moral, or sane.”

He looked back to the water, he looked back at her. She had walked away. He wanted to follow, he wanted to sink. Sink in her wavelength, her frequency a darkness of its own murky depths. 

I Had A Dream About Waffles

The dream starts out. I'm working on some Hollywood set, which I cannot believe. It's the sequel to some movie that I'm not that crazy about but I love my job; I'm a scream extra. It's two in the morning and I'm heading to the Waffle House for a quick breakfast before I get the set. I walk in and grab a seat near the door. As I take my order I notice a familiar face in my periferal vision, I think nothing of it.

I start reading Wuthering Heights[I blame having Twilight on my mind because I have never read that book. EVER.]. The waiter comes to my table, we make eyes as I take my hot chocolate from his hands. The flirtatious look drops from my face as soon as he turns around, it was fake.

I catch the familiar face in my side view again and look to see who it is. I swear I thought I was going to die. Zachary Quinto, sitting right there and he was looking in my direction. Certainly not at me but my brain couldn't register the difference. He was only a table away. My hand moved to pick up my drink but did so before my eye could tell it where to go. I ended up, instead, knocking my drink to the floor. The mug shattered, the hot drink splashed on my legs.

"Shit, shit, shit..." my voice faded as I heard someone come over. I was picking up the pieces of the mug, I assumed the person was the waiter. "Sorry, I could mop this up if you get me a mop I guess. Is there anyway I can get the drink to go this time?"

"Do you need it in a spill proof cup?" I froze. that voice was not the waiter's. I looked up to see Zachary Quinto, napkins in hand. "Let me help you." he said as he squatted down and attempted to sop up my mess. "Ouch!" he remarked as his fingers were scolded by the hot beverage as it seeped through the paper napkins.

"Sorry!" I nearly yelped. "It was supposed to loosen up my vocal chords. I'm going to be screaming all day." He looked up from the napkins and the look he gave me could have sent me straight to Nirvana if I believed in that sort of thing. His eyebrow raised as he asked "Are you working at studio 54?"

"No, oh god no!" studio 54 dealt mostly... well solely in porn. I looked down at myself. "M? Are you kidding. Even if I could, not my bag." I shook my head, I was very flustered at this point. "I'm a scream extra, some lower end horror movie I think."

He was quiet for a while, "I didn't mean to offend you. Just the look you feigned for you waiter and then well 'I'm going to be screaming all day'." he stood up, I followed suit. The waiter ran over.

"Can I get another hot chocolate, to go?" "Yeah, of course."

"Don't write yourself off." Zachary said.
"What?" I asked confused, still flustered.
"You acted like you didn't look good enough for..." he paused, "you should give yourself more credit."

I took my to go beverage and left. On my way out Chris Pine walked by me and made a shushing motion. I turned to see Quinto greet him with a hug. I managed a "You two play nice." before half running back to my car.

LOL, I assume this a product of my over active imagination and my fangirlish brain chattering while i sleep.

Never Justified

crying bullets is all we ever do
crying bullets, trying just hurt you
we don't go solving our problem with peace
we'd rather cry our bullets to you across the sea

now don't go askin what give us the right
we'll shove our beliefs into your home into your lives
anything to justify the pain we bring
anything to justify the screams as they ring

oh the pain
oh the lies
oh the ruin we bring to lives

give us answers
give us peace
give us reasons to believe in everything that we find inside

are we just like you
craving war
craving blood
craving everything we should from

we should run from you
we should overthrow
start a fresh life and be brand new

you say it all
but you never say enough
you can never justify the bullets that you cry in to another's life


So basically a few weeks ago my LimeWire files disappeared. 16 GB of music down the drain.

So I was wondering if you all had links to your favorite mixes or albums.
Perhaps you just have recommendations.

Put them in the comments and I'll be grateful.

Bird, Fish & Fire

How could I have know you would follow?
How was I to know that my words were the light to the moth of your mind?
I never set out to destroy you.
It was just so terribly simple.

You were a fish swimming close to the surface.
A quick and effortless catch.
Once I had you, I couldn't bare to throw you back.
Would the waters even want you?

Waters could never caress you.
Not like I ever could, forever would, always will.
In time you will know.
In time you will learn to love.

I will lighten your heavy, heavy heart.
First we must extinguish the loves of your past.
Then light fires to your hopes to escape.
Stale smoke and dead ashes will remain.

Like a pheonix your new mind will arise.
Your wounds will come to your eyes as kisses.
Your pain will enter your mind as passion.

Then how could you ever leave me?
Touch of anyone else would burn like fire.
The comfor of friends would cause you to slink back to me.
The comforts of this world will become your fears.
The harshness of my heart will become your savior.

You'll be mine and you'll know it to be true.
I'd never leave you, you'd never want me to.
A bird pleased to be caged.

A little birdie told you...

  • 14:55 @tollie what football game? #
  • 15:02 I feel like Peter when all that radioactivity was building up in him. I swear... #
  • 15:11 molasses. #
  • 15:22 justify it. #
  • 15:24 Your lights are on but you're not home. Your mind is not your own. #
  • 17:43 @brendonuriesays that should in down in funny tweet history. #
  • 22:47 @midnightx10 because she's amazing. and coughdiscostickcough. #
  • 22:50 @SmoSays @midnightx10 so there's this thing called skype and this thing called internet. cough. #
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A little birdie told you...

  • 11:12 Listening to the first twilight soundtrack. :) #
  • 11:16 Also, CNN has made the term Twihard official. I lol'd. #
  • 11:37 @midnightx10 i haven't heard anything but rumors but it does seen that way unless we can get ratings up. #
  • 11:45 Hmmm... Isn't that still the big complaint though? #
  • 11:57 @midnightx10 why else would we get cancelled? #
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